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the rules.

the rules for jobrolifestory.

1. You do not talk about jobrolifestory.

2. You do NOT talk about jobrolifestory

3. Proper capitalization and punctuation must be used when threading in the main community at all times. The journals are not a big deal since the characters in real life will not always use capitals and the like.

4. All members are to be respected unless we're joking around OOC.

5. There will be no godmodding allowed. Godmodding is when you attempt to take over another's character or tell them what they should do. You must not type dialogue or action for any character/s other than your own, unless for some reason a needed character isn't around. When this is the case, you need mod permission.

6. This community is intended for mature players. We can not be held responsible for anything offensive posted here. This includes graphic sex, incest and swearing.

7. If a post becomes R-rated, please place it behind a cut and give a warning.

8. Het/slash/smut are all welcome. However, do not base your character around any of these things. Plot is wonderful.

9. Activity is super important. You must post either in the main community or in your journal at least once every twoish weeks. If there is inactivity for an extended period of time, you will be b&.

9a. Characters must comment on other character's journals frequently. RPing is about creativity and imagination so you must be able to find something to say.

10. If you need to go on hiatus/vacation, let the mods know. If this hiatus/vacation goes on for a ridiculous amount of time, your character will be put up for adoption.

11. All OOC posts are to be made in the OOC journal. OOC comments are welcome but must be clearly marked with double parentheses around the text.

ex: ((This post made me laugh so hard. You win.))

12. All entries, whether in the comm or journals, must be written in first person. You are always your character when posting therefore your thoughts are always known.

13. Entries in the main community are action based. The setup must look like this:

Where: The tour bus
Who: Kevin and Nick


I promised Nick that I would tell him what was really going on so when I found him hanging out by himself in the back of the bus, I figured now was as good as ever.

"Hey," I said awkwardly before plopping on the couch next to him.

14. Individual journals can be used for private matters, public matters, anything. If a section of text is intended for your character only, place it behind a cut labeled as private. If a section of text is intended for one or two people, label the cut accordingly. If the text is public for all to see, it does not have to go under a cut. Pictures posted on individual journals should go under a cut labeled how you wish it to be. Note that anyone can reply to your post if you have not specified that they can't.

15. You can now apply as up to three characters. New members will be restricted to only one until they've proven they have a grasp on the community and would be able to handle a second character. This also goes for third characters. Please alert a mod if you're a veteran member applying as a second/third character. Second and third characters are a privilege, not a right.

16. We don't want no drama. No no, no drama. Deal with it elsewhere, plz. Unless of course it is in the actual RP, then much dramz~ is welcome. If there is an issue with another player, come straight to the mods, no hesitation.

17. Rules can and probably will be changed at any time.

18. Be sure that you know how LJ RPing works. Equally, be sure that you understand how it works in this community. If you need any direction or a touch up go here.

19. Be sure to read the overview here before applying.

20. The option of friend locking character journals is open if you so choose. The mods strongly encourage you to leave everything open to peak the interests of anyone watching the community but the choice is yours.

21. Tagging of AIM conversations will be done by the mods. Members can tag their own threads in the main community. You may tag your own entries in the OOC community as this can often be fun and amusing but be sure to include a relevant tag for easy searching.

22. All character journals comment pages must now be set to LJ's default comment page. See here for instructions on how to do this.

23. Character's friends list must be up to date. Add any new characters immediately and the same for deleting characters that are no longer part of the RP.

23. One and two lined replies are not allowed in threads. Make them longer or this rule will be copied and pasted to you and the thread will be put on hold until it is fixed. Everyone has their off days but if you were accepted, we are positive you can write something longer than that.

24. Mod word is final. Everything we do/say/have you do is for a good reason. Trust me, we're not mods for no reason. Mods are Kelly (brainsnbraun sknights),  Halez (clinleypongs, lucastilltheend) and Blash (dj_danjah).

This community is currently only accepting applications for real people. This means that no original characters (OCs) will be accepted at this time. The reason for this is that there are enough options available to avoid making up a complete person.
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