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the application.

Attention!: Post all applications in the OOC Community
Here: jobro_ooc

Read the rules before filling this out and posting it. Always read the rules first.
Link can be found through the profile.

The Player

Contact Info AIM screen name is preferred. A lot of interaction in this community is AIM-based, so if you don't have one, now might be the time to get one.
Experience This doesn't have to be detailed, but if this is your first time rping, we should probably know that.
Who referred you? Where did you find the community? Another player, a community, etc.

The Character

Appearance Post a picture/link here.
Likes/Dislikes You can either list or describe your character's favorite and least favorite things. Be creative and inventive as well as descriptive. Naming things is okay, but we would also like some reasoning behind them. The likes/dislikes section doesn't all have to be physical objects.
Family Life/Hometown Describe siblings, parents, where your character grew up, how they feel about their family and how that environment affected them.
Disney Relation What does your character have to do with Disney and/or the Jonas Brothers? How did they come to be in this position? We want to see some details here. Many Disney stars have guest starred all over the place, which means they would know more than just who they regularly work with. Take a look at the characters page and talk about who your character knows already in the community. Characters outside the community are perfectly fine to add here because obviously we don't have everyone. This section is a basis of the interaction we expect from you when you first join. Having an idea of who your character will interact with and how they feel about people gives you a good start of how this community works.
Relationships Does your character have someone special? Do they have a past involving relationships? Are they a virgin? A prude? A slut? Explore this topic. Some characters have past history with
Originality What sets your character out from everyone else? It’s fine to be a normal person but everyone has something about them that makes them different. Talk about it. This is the most important section of this application. Please be as detailed as possible. We want to know about your character and what sets them apart from the 30+ characters we already have. Many applications have been accepted or denied based on originality alone, so please do not disappoint.
Anything else you wish to add Did we forget to include any topics that may be crucial to your character? Write whatever else you want here.

Community Writing Sample Here you will write as if you were in a thread in the community. (If you followed all of the links in the profile like you should have, you’ll know what a thread is. Hell, you should probably know what that is anyway unless this is your first time roleplaying.) Make it as long and detailed as possible without godmodding at all. How does your character feel about the situation and the others involved? Please choose from one of the following prompts:
- Your character runs into (not literally, but if you want them to, go for it) another character of your choosing at craft services (catering etc) on their shared lot. How does your character react to seeing so and so?
- Your character finds something dear to them from their childhood. What is it, why is it dear to them, and how are they finding it now? (This one is good if you want to practice really getting into your character's head and their ~feelings~)

Journal Writing Sample Write as if your character is updating their journal. Feel free to include various text cuts for certain people and a private section. Actually, this is strongly suggested. Once again, we stress creativity. Choose a random topic for your character to blog about and go for it!

Please note that we would like to see effort go into these applications. It is very obvious when something has been slapped together in an hour. This community is pretty hardcore, and completing the application correctly shows us that you are committed and someone we want to allow in. If you don't want to take the time to think things through and look around the community first, then this probably isn't the place for you. Thank you for your time.
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